Life, The Universe, Manga and Real Life

The Introduction

I’m Back

Look at me talking to the imaginary audience I have. It’s as if I think 12553083_943866219024578_7531712412368646981_nI can stop doing this for a month or two(2-5 years in internet time) and think anyone still reads this. Now that is comical. Self-berating aside, I’ve been meaning to get back into doing this for a while. The problem with this is, that I always found  a reason  excuse not to put finger to key, be it work, be it always finding something better to do or just a lack of motivation. Because of this I fell into a cycle of start typing something and give up because I really didn’t feel like what I said mattered, or looking at it on screen it wasn’t a good idea so I abandoned it and said i’ll come back to it later…..

But later doesn’t come and its however many weeks later and  I’ve decided to retry this thing from square one and hope I don’t fuck it up again.

The Point

All narcissism and pretending people care aside though…

I’ve decided to try to make “Overdriver” more a reflection of myself and the things I’m passionate about that aren’t just music. So from that you can expect more personal shit, some stuff related to manga and anime (we got a really good summer season going on right now so there’s a wealth of material there), videogame, some of my own original music, cool shit I saw and maybe the podcast will come back but Overdriver is back with the goal of making it to new year.

So fuck it here goes. Player One is pressing start……


Check This Shit Out!:MiddleParkMusic

For a couple of weeks now, a friend of mine has been filming high quality live footage of bands performing in and around Glasgow and uploading them to the YouTube Channel MiddleParkMusic. MiddleParkMusic Offers a range of styles and features bands from Glasgow and international touring acts, with excellent videography and audio quality.

Check it out here:

Check out this video of New Girls Performing at King Tuts last months:

Tales Don’t Tell Themselves: Funeral For a Friend Live Review and Goodbye

So,  if you were getting into punk and heavy music around 2005-2008  you’ll probably be aware of who Funeral For a Friend are. But If you’re not aware Funeral For a Friend are a Welsh Post-Hardcore/Melodic-Hardcore/Emo/Metalcore/Any Genre Buzzword for punk or heavy music at the time, they’ve toured the world, had two gold records in the UK, they’ve influenced countless UK bands such as: Fightstarfuneral
, Creeper, Rise to Remain and many more and now they’re breaking up. Which sucks.

I mean a band breaking up is inevitable it happens, whether it be by death, internal conflict or simply things just reaching their natural conclusion. it happens, it’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time a band breaks. I’m glad Funeral For a Friend are doing this on their own terms though. From the outside anyway there doesn’t appear to be any bad blood within the band, as a band they’ve just decided its time. As a fan I’m happy for them for doing that after releasing the immense album “Chapter and Verse” last year, they’ve decided to go out on a high note do a final farewell tour (which I’m about to head out to right now) and call it quits. I’m really sad to see these guys go, British heavy music wont be the same with out them, and may not be what it is today  without their influence. With how band breakups are these days, maybe give it a couple of years and we’ll be seeing a reunion tour in two or three years. But for now…

farewell boys, good luck in the future and well done for showing what a bunch of village kids from Wales can do.

Show Review,funeral 2.jpg

Funeral For a Friend were FUCKING AMAZING! From the second that they stepped on stage to the room was pure electricity, energy and a feeling of completion. The show perfectly encapsulated the idea of it being better to go out in a blaze of glory, than simply fade into obscurity.

The set consisted of the band played their second album “Hours” in full before going into a set of newer songs and fan favourites including “1%”, “Into Oblivion”, “Juneau” before ending the set with “Escape Artists Never Die”.

The sound for the night was great, I’m personally a big fan of the 02 ABC as a venue and the sound in the room is always pretty good. The band’s performance was Incredible at this point where their tenure as a band is coming to a close , they absolutely gave their all as a band.  Frontman Matt Davies nailed every song, was really engaged with the crowd too and the crowd was engaged with him, creating a great exchange of energy between band and audience to fuel both . Overall a fantastic performance.

So to conclude. It would be pointless for me to recommend going to see a band who are doing their swan song right now, but if you do get the chance to see Funeral For a Friend on tour do it, Just Do It! And again well done! boys see you on the flipside


If your interested in checking Funeral For a Friend out they’ve got a great back catalogue of music. My personal favourites are the albums: “Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation”, “Hours” and “Chapter and Verse”


Hi There

This is the first post on the Overdriver blog and we’re really excited to get started and start making content for you guys. In the coming weeks we’ll be uploading music reviews, interviews with artists, a rant or two  as well as have a weekly podcast for you to listen to.

I hope a lot of you guys join us on this journey into music and give us lots of feedback along the way.

Peace out.