Band Camp Tuesday: Sunny Sense

It’s That time of the week again its….


Its that time of the week where we select a Scottish band to feature whsunny senseo have an ep or album available to download or listen to on Bandcamp. This week The chosen band is Glasgow based  Sunny Sense.

Sunny Sense are an alternative Pop band, who play an atmospheric reverb soaked very dark and deep sounding music.

The sound can be chaaricterised by glistening keys, post rock inspired guitars and beautiful haunting vocals from front woman Anne Francisco Suarez.

I’d recomend Sunny sense for fans of Lorde, Explosions in the Sky and Massive  Attack.

Check them out here:

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Bandcamp Tuesday: Pale Fire

Its that time of week again Its Bandcamp Tuesday again and this weeks featured artist is Coatbridge band Pale Fire.

Pale Fire are an indie rock band from Coatbridge near Glasgow. Their dynamic brand of indie rock which can go from being restrained thoughtful balads to high energy songs that would feel at home at a festival with a crowd singing back. The overall palefiresound of the band sit pretty well with me. I’ve got to give them props on their debut album named after the band. The songwriting being absolutly top notch helps to boost what would otherwise be just another indie band to being something very unique and special.

I’d recomend listening to it on a rainy day just so you can absorb the full vibe of the album.



Bandcamp Tuesday- Fake Major

This the first Bandcamp Tuesday, and from now on they will be a weekly affair.

But what is Bandcamp Tuesday?

Well Bandcamp Tuesday is gona be every tuesday will focus on an artist on glasgow who I found on Bandcamp and thought was good so I’m sharing their music fake majorwith you guys who read this.

And the star of The first ever Bandcamp Tuesday is…

Fake Major.

Fake Major is a Glasgow based duo who play chilled out indie pop,  with a lot of melody a pinch of melancholy and s
ome great songwriting.

Fake Majors style should apeal to fans of Fatherson, Biffy Clyro and  Mumford and sons other bands of that nature

Check them out here :