Life, The Universe, Manga and Real Life

The Introduction

I’m Back

Look at me talking to the imaginary audience I have. It’s as if I think 12553083_943866219024578_7531712412368646981_nI can stop doing this for a month or two(2-5 years in internet time) and think anyone still reads this. Now that is comical. Self-berating aside, I’ve been meaning to get back into doing this for a while. The problem with this is, that I always found  a reason  excuse not to put finger to key, be it work, be it always finding something better to do or just a lack of motivation. Because of this I fell into a cycle of start typing something and give up because I really didn’t feel like what I said mattered, or looking at it on screen it wasn’t a good idea so I abandoned it and said i’ll come back to it later…..

But later doesn’t come and its however many weeks later and  I’ve decided to retry this thing from square one and hope I don’t fuck it up again.

The Point

All narcissism and pretending people care aside though…

I’ve decided to try to make “Overdriver” more a reflection of myself and the things I’m passionate about that aren’t just music. So from that you can expect more personal shit, some stuff related to manga and anime (we got a really good summer season going on right now so there’s a wealth of material there), videogame, some of my own original music, cool shit I saw and maybe the podcast will come back but Overdriver is back with the goal of making it to new year.

So fuck it here goes. Player One is pressing start……


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