Amazarashi-『多数決』(Majority) Track Review

Kicking myself for missing this one.

But better late than neveramazarashi-tasuketsu-mouth-logo-750x400.jpg

Japanese art rock/ alt rock/visual artist Amazarashi just put out his new single “『多数決』(Majority)” and it is great. Its like this was written to be an Anime intro and since I loves me some anime so thats just fine by me.

Sonically though like alot of Amazarashi songs theres a lot going on here theres the core of the track which is a upbeat bouncey rock track and on of this core Amazarashi put all these strings and keys and  of course Amazarashis amazing singings on top. In comparison to the material off the pervious release, last years release “Seasons Die” which was a very skelital, dark, piano driven song (I’ll link the video down below as its beautiful), Its very different. It isn’t an unwelcome direction as Amazarashi has done songs like this in the past and has never really had a set sound, its clear its an Amazarashi song, but the intrumentation and vibe changes from release to release.


Really enjyoing this song looking forward to the new album gona slap a healthy 8/10 on this one probobly one of my top singles of the year.



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