Track Review: Whitechapel- The Void

mark of the blade.jpgTennessee deathcore bruisers Whitechapel have just released their newest single for their forthcoming “Mark of The Blade” which is titled most metaly “The Void”. This track is the second single for the new album and i was apprehensive to listen to as I wasn’t too crazy about the first single from the album titled “Mark of the Blade”, but Holy fuck “The Void” is everything in my own opinion that a Whitechapel song should be: its heavy, its got riffs, its got groove and Phil Bozeman gives a terrifyingly good vocal performance.

The whole vibe of the track is very close to a lot of what was heard on the previous album “Our Endless War” which saw white chapel become alot more melodic, become more focused on songs and less focused on breakdowns. In alot of ways this track is a more refined version of that  sound and a sign of Whitechapel moving away from being a deathcore band to go in a more metallic direction.

The production on the song is also razor-sharp, which is to be expected when they’ve teamed up with producer Mark Lewis, whose credits include band such as Cannibal Corpse, God Forbid and Unearth. The end result is a track that fucking brutal.

Overall really fucking love this track gonna slap a meaty 8.5/10 on it

check it out here:




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