Album Review: Pierce the Veil- Misadventures

Pierce the Veil are a California post-hardcore/rock/soundtrack to your, you don’t understand mom years band, and they’ve just released their new album: Misadventures. This band are a funny one for me, because as much as I want to dislike their melodramatic sunshine emo punk I just can’t. I really enjoyed their last album “Collide With the Sky”, despite it being full of annoying lyrical tropes that seem built to pander to their mainly very young audience the album was still had very catchy choruses, had some great sa3818e70-ceca-4293-b5c1-b842b4bb47e2.jpgounding instrumentals and the latin influence on the album gave it a real flair a lot of their contemporaries did not have. And before listening to this album the first two singles “Texas is Forever” and “Circles” were great really good radio songs, so I’ve decided to check it out.

Not gonna sugar coat it the opening song “Dive In” is weak as the opening for the album, the dynamic shift from the sad ballad to punk thing is a good idea but it takes to long to get to the payoff overall which makes for a really underwhelming start to the album. After this, they kick into “Texas is Forever, and they pull it back with a bombastic punk song which would have probably been the better choice as the opening for the album. That aside this album is pretty decent it feels like they were trying to go for a harder version  of the direction “Collide With The Sky” went while trying to evolve to be a little more mature sounding. Instrumentally this album is solid there are some good riffs and PTV aren’t afraid to bring out the shred when it’s required the inclusion of keys on some of the songs is really welcome too.  The only thing I have to say is lyrically the album can feel very samey at times, most of the songs on this album are about love or heartbreak, it wouldn’t be fair to expect “Operation Mindcrime” from these guys but for god’s sake talk about something other than love.

The production on this album is pretty good, its really modern sounding probably closer to the kind of production you’d expect from a pop band than a rock band very clean not sterile there’s a lot of warmth, and its really big sounding too. The guitar tones are good, very open and don’t have a compressed distortion to them, more a very bitey crunch. The bass guitar is very present and a very mid heavy classic punk sound to it. the drums are nice sounding there’s a lot of space to them and maybe they could be louder on some tracks on the louder busier tracks they have a tendency to get lost in the mix. The vocals are well performed too frontman Vic Fuentes brings a lot of personality to his very high melodic singing which is peppered with emotion fueled screams.

I like this album,as far as this genre of music goes it’s a pretty good record and has a lot of good ideas and a lot of memorable hooks and choruses. But I feel like they had the potential to put out something better, but were maybe held back by trying to not alienate their fanbase. Overall good album, it’ll probably be the soundtrack to someone’s summer but for me somewhat lukewarm



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