Album Review Kvelertak, Nattesferd

kvelertak-nattesferd-compressed.jpgKvelertak (Phonetically Ke-vel-er-tak) are a Norwiegen Metal band who combine elements of old school metal, punk, classic rock, and of course because Norway there’s  obviously a heaping tablespoon of black metal in the mix too, All this combined Makes up the band’s sound which is so, so, so damn good.  And their newest album “Nattesferd” is up for streaming so it’s review time.

This album isn’t really any great departure for Kvelertak, since their first album they’ve really kept the core of their sound which is really catchy riff-driven party songs refining it as time goes on. They have however on this record decided to have more slowed down headbang riffs with the addition of more sparkly cleanish passages and acoustic guitars. The record isn’t their debut it’s nowhere near as fiery its more mellowed out and has more texture to it, so i wouldn’t say this is bad its just different. Overall I’d say this is Kvelertak’s most accessible record to date, but they haven’t sacrificed what makes them a great band for this accessibility.

The album also has definitely a more classic feel to the production, like compared to the last two albums which were produced by Kurt Ballou from the band Converge which a comparably crisper more modern production to them, on “Nattesferd” Kvelertak have opted for a more something more reminiscent of the type of production from and old classic rock record. This More classic sound is pretty cool,  it adds a lot of warmth and body to and it suits Kvelertak’s sound pretty well.

overall really enjoyed this record was something a little different from what Kvelertak had done in the past, and its really played to their favour on this



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