Sikth-Opacities Review

So I was in Love Music in Glasgow a week or two after record store day because I had to work on RSD so I couldn’t do the whole queuing up from 5 in the morning thing . but when I was looking through the metal section I found this wee beauty on vinyl and I decided to grab it cause the cover art was sick.

So here’s some background on the record,Sikth are a UK based metal band who are best Known for being one of the progenitors of the genre formally known as djent. Who after a long-ass hiatus came back did some shows, Decided they liked making music together again so they wrote an EP called Opacities. And I’m going to give it wee review for the sake of science and because I think its pretty damn good.

So let’s get rooiight into the review………

The EP opens with the track: “Behind the Doors”, which is a mathy unhinged explosion of an opening track. It’s got a riff to make you bang your head until you get whiplash and the chorus begs for an audience to sing it back. Vocalist Mikee Goodman sounds like he’s losing his mind during the song and it works to greatsikthopacities.jpg effect to really create this feeling of insanity. The second track “Philistine Philosophies” Is a groove machine of a track with a meshuggah-esque feel in the verse where everything is locked to this very mechanical sounding groove but after this, the chorus takes on a very melodic epic feel the guitars almost sounding like they’re trying to imitate strings, and it’s just a very nice song. The next song “Under the Weeping Moon” is a great slice of modern metal it follows a lot of the same beats as “Behind the Doors ” however this track is a lot more melodic and less chaotic. “Tokyo Lights” is a spoken word track its a bit weird and jarring Goodman again sounds like he’s playing this insane character who sounds like a mix of Old Greg from The Mighty Boosh and The Joker it’s really creepy and weird not, quite sure how I feel about it . The next two tracks really follow the same progressive mathy Avant gardeness and then the ep ends

My overall feeling is that this is a really good EP the songwriting is really strong and deserves a lot of praise, and the production is really clear. Definitely give it a listen if you likez the djentz.



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