Amy Shields- Hummingbird Ep

Amy Shields is a Glasgow alt rock/singer-songwriter and she just put out her first Ep: Hummingbird

This Ep features soulful vocals, huge hooks and it just feels reallyhummingbird.jpg, really nice. This EP feels lively, it really breaths. The inclusion of having the songs performed by a full band  on “Hummingbird” makes the songs feel bigger and more colourful than if they had just been arranged for guitar and  vocals. Amy as a singer has an amazing voice, it’s really full sounding and there’s so much emotion and really take centre stage and makes shines so well.

Lyrically the whole EP seems to centre around the theme of hope and overcoming sadness and loss. This gives the Ep whole atmosphere very much like springtime and makes it feel like an ode to new beginnings.

The Ep starts with track “Hummingbird”, which is a really sweet and gentle track which builds  from very stripped back verses to almost orchestral feeling choruses. The next track is : “In the Dark”. This track features a really driving bassline  and a huge chorus. Next up is “Fool” this song has an almost countryish feel to it just in how the track grooves. Then finally is the last song “Rabbit Holes”, this is easily the poppiest track on the EP but gives a triumphant to a great ep.

Overall I really love this EP, it flows well, the production is steller, the songwriting is amazing and it’s just great. Listening to this EP doesn’t feel like a first release, it doesn’t  have any of the lack of identity or any of the apprehension a lot of first EPs have. It’s quite the opposite,  “Hummingbird” feels self-assured and has a real sense of self and personality.


Stream it here:

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You can get it on Itunes  and amazon music


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