Review: New Girls, Beanstalk

New girls are a glasgow based alternative rock/punk band, and they’ve just released their new single: Beanstalk.

The track is raw, angry and going so fast it sounds like the band repnew girls.pnglaced their blood with lucozade to get the track so damn energetic. In a Nutshell its fucking AWESOME. The track has shades of Sex Pistols,Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Kvelertak and just dirty rock’n roll

The production is great too. The guitars sound really beefy, The bass is fat, drums are tight. The vocals have this nice FM radio reverb Clash style rawness which just ties everything together so nice . And maybe I’m just tripping out a little, but i’m sure I hear a piano underlaying the guitars on the chorus which is just awesome and adds to that awesome dirty rock feel if its there.

Check it out in the link bellow

And hit them up with some love on Facebook :



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