Letlive., Good Mourning America

California post-hardcore band LetLive. just released the first single from their new album “If I’m the Devil….”: “Good Mourning  America”. The single deals with the topic of police brutality in America and this message is verylet live.png well put forward, while being catchy and a nice song.

The song starts of with a gospel/protest style chant, it kind of flies halfway between both before the bassline for the song kicks in. After the bassline Kicks in frontman Jason Butler comes in with a his verse which has a clear influence come from soul music, but maintains a visceral punk rock venom to his delivery. Another noteworthy thing about Butlers performance on the song is him constantly matching the intensity of his vocal performance to the intensity of the song.

Instrumentally the song starts off with a latin feel, before morphing into a melodic hardcore chorus. The song then continues to alternate between these two styles as the song progressing, with the guitar parts becoming  more and more complex as each verse goes on, before erupting into the out middle section where the song shows off a fuzzed out punk explosion of riffs.

On the production side of this song is very cleanly produced, but doesn’t feel sterile for it. The drums feel huge, the bass is really fat and the guitars sound nice and glassy where they’re clean and then when they get dirty they sound heavy but
there’s still plenty of clarity behind them.

Overall this song sounds really nice. The chorus is amazing,  and I’d recommend it on this alone



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