Review: CHUMP, Treat Me Mean

Heres some good music from Glasgow town: CHUMP.

Chump are a grungey alt rock/shoegaze band from Glasgow and they’ve just put out their first EP Treat Me Mean.

This EP is sulky, angsty and strikingly beautiful in its delivery of their music. The first track “Brain” relies primarily on a clean guitar drums and this plodding bassline backing up the ghostly reverb drenched vocals. The effect is  a really uneasy tense vibe before the song explodes in a crescendo of tremolo picked treat me meanguitars and the drums and bass playing a lot harder, then dying down to move the next song. This uneasy feeling follows on to the next song “Out of It” Which some fuzzed out guitar added to the mix and lifts the song into a new direction when it’s added. The third song “Shut Eye” which is the shortest song on the Ep and has the same sulky atmosphere until the fuzzed guitars come in and wake the song up. Next up is the title track “Treat Me Mean” which has distorted guitars throughout, and has a far more passive aggressive feel. At the middle point of this song it becomes very dissonant, and very much feels like the song is spiraling out of control before the instruments stop and are just left to feedback. The Last song “It’s All Fucked” starts in a similar fashion to “Treat Me Mean” without the dissonant middle section instead opting to layer dreamy feeling leads over the chorus section.

The production of the EP is very hazy and this plays to the l0-fi aesthetic the band are going for, this hazy production also help to add a lot of the moody dark atmosphere to the music. The instrumentation of “Treat Me Mean” is pretty bare bones an minimal for the most part, but uses bringing more instrumentation to dynamically shift songs.

Overall Really enjoyed this EP , I’d say it’s for fans of bands like: The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Life Model and Nirvana


Listen to and buy it here:


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