Review: The One Hundred, Subculture EP

So my introduction to The One Hundred was on the Glasgow date of the recent Crossfaith tour, and those guys had it locked down. Their sound was great, they performed super tight and they provided an absolutely amazing start to the night. I decided to pick up their EP: “Subculture”,  which is a great EP with some really unique and creative ideas on some awesome songs.

So stylistically the best way to describe The One Hundred is MetalcThe-One-Hundred-Subculture-600x600.jpgore with a influences from hip hop and electronic music. While this blend of styles could very easily go wrong (see 90s rap metal), it can be done to great effect with bands like Hacktivist and Enter Shikari having a great deal of success playing about with these sounds while making really good music. Over the course of “Subculture” The One Hundred really do this sound justice.

So the EP starts with the track “No FXK”, which serves as an opening for starts with a very old-school hip hop style beat before kicking into a nice rage against the machine style riff and sets the tone for the whole EP. Frontman Jacob Field gives an absolutely phenomenal vocal performance, he’s got a great tone going for when he screams  and when hes rapping his flow is great. I really enjoyed the lyrical content  of the album aswell a lot of it dealing with themes of social inequality on the track “Tale of Two Cities” and the track “Kingsman” appears to deal with the idea of people being blind to being manipulated by the powers that be and not questioning it.

Production-wise it’s really good to none of the instrumentation really clashes or muddies up the others and everything sounds very cohesive, and as mentioned before the vocals are phenominal.

overall I really enjoyed the “Subculture EP” and would encourage recomend it to fans of: Rage Against the Machine, Stray From the Path, Enter Shikari and Hacktivist


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