Amy Shields- Hummingbird Ep

Amy Shields is a Glasgow alt rock/singer-songwriter and she just put out her first Ep: Hummingbird

This Ep features soulful vocals, huge hooks and it just feels reallyhummingbird.jpg, really nice. This EP feels lively, it really breaths. The inclusion of having the songs performed by a full band  on “Hummingbird” makes the songs feel bigger and more colourful than if they had just been arranged for guitar and  vocals. Amy as a singer has an amazing voice, it’s really full sounding and there’s so much emotion and really take centre stage and makes shines so well.

Lyrically the whole EP seems to centre around the theme of hope and overcoming sadness and loss. This gives the Ep whole atmosphere very much like springtime and makes it feel like an ode to new beginnings.

The Ep starts with track “Hummingbird”, which is a really sweet and gentle track which builds  from very stripped back verses to almost orchestral feeling choruses. The next track is : “In the Dark”. This track features a really driving bassline  and a huge chorus. Next up is “Fool” this song has an almost countryish feel to it just in how the track grooves. Then finally is the last song “Rabbit Holes”, this is easily the poppiest track on the EP but gives a triumphant to a great ep.

Overall I really love this EP, it flows well, the production is steller, the songwriting is amazing and it’s just great. Listening to this EP doesn’t feel like a first release, it doesn’t  have any of the lack of identity or any of the apprehension a lot of first EPs have. It’s quite the opposite,  “Hummingbird” feels self-assured and has a real sense of self and personality.


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Review: New Girls, Beanstalk

New girls are a glasgow based alternative rock/punk band, and they’ve just released their new single: Beanstalk.

The track is raw, angry and going so fast it sounds like the band repnew girls.pnglaced their blood with lucozade to get the track so damn energetic. In a Nutshell its fucking AWESOME. The track has shades of Sex Pistols,Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Kvelertak and just dirty rock’n roll

The production is great too. The guitars sound really beefy, The bass is fat, drums are tight. The vocals have this nice FM radio reverb Clash style rawness which just ties everything together so nice . And maybe I’m just tripping out a little, but i’m sure I hear a piano underlaying the guitars on the chorus which is just awesome and adds to that awesome dirty rock feel if its there.

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Check This Shit Out!:MiddleParkMusic

For a couple of weeks now, a friend of mine has been filming high quality live footage of bands performing in and around Glasgow and uploading them to the YouTube Channel MiddleParkMusic. MiddleParkMusic Offers a range of styles and features bands from Glasgow and international touring acts, with excellent videography and audio quality.

Check it out here:

Check out this video of New Girls Performing at King Tuts last months:

Tales Don’t Tell Themselves: Funeral For a Friend Live Review and Goodbye

So,  if you were getting into punk and heavy music around 2005-2008  you’ll probably be aware of who Funeral For a Friend are. But If you’re not aware Funeral For a Friend are a Welsh Post-Hardcore/Melodic-Hardcore/Emo/Metalcore/Any Genre Buzzword for punk or heavy music at the time, they’ve toured the world, had two gold records in the UK, they’ve influenced countless UK bands such as: Fightstarfuneral
, Creeper, Rise to Remain and many more and now they’re breaking up. Which sucks.

I mean a band breaking up is inevitable it happens, whether it be by death, internal conflict or simply things just reaching their natural conclusion. it happens, it’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time a band breaks. I’m glad Funeral For a Friend are doing this on their own terms though. From the outside anyway there doesn’t appear to be any bad blood within the band, as a band they’ve just decided its time. As a fan I’m happy for them for doing that after releasing the immense album “Chapter and Verse” last year, they’ve decided to go out on a high note do a final farewell tour (which I’m about to head out to right now) and call it quits. I’m really sad to see these guys go, British heavy music wont be the same with out them, and may not be what it is today  without their influence. With how band breakups are these days, maybe give it a couple of years and we’ll be seeing a reunion tour in two or three years. But for now…

farewell boys, good luck in the future and well done for showing what a bunch of village kids from Wales can do.

Show Review,funeral 2.jpg

Funeral For a Friend were FUCKING AMAZING! From the second that they stepped on stage to the room was pure electricity, energy and a feeling of completion. The show perfectly encapsulated the idea of it being better to go out in a blaze of glory, than simply fade into obscurity.

The set consisted of the band played their second album “Hours” in full before going into a set of newer songs and fan favourites including “1%”, “Into Oblivion”, “Juneau” before ending the set with “Escape Artists Never Die”.

The sound for the night was great, I’m personally a big fan of the 02 ABC as a venue and the sound in the room is always pretty good. The band’s performance was Incredible at this point where their tenure as a band is coming to a close , they absolutely gave their all as a band.  Frontman Matt Davies nailed every song, was really engaged with the crowd too and the crowd was engaged with him, creating a great exchange of energy between band and audience to fuel both . Overall a fantastic performance.

So to conclude. It would be pointless for me to recommend going to see a band who are doing their swan song right now, but if you do get the chance to see Funeral For a Friend on tour do it, Just Do It! And again well done! boys see you on the flipside


If your interested in checking Funeral For a Friend out they’ve got a great back catalogue of music. My personal favourites are the albums: “Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation”, “Hours” and “Chapter and Verse”


Letlive., Good Mourning America

California post-hardcore band LetLive. just released the first single from their new album “If I’m the Devil….”: “Good Mourning  America”. The single deals with the topic of police brutality in America and this message is verylet live.png well put forward, while being catchy and a nice song.

The song starts of with a gospel/protest style chant, it kind of flies halfway between both before the bassline for the song kicks in. After the bassline Kicks in frontman Jason Butler comes in with a his verse which has a clear influence come from soul music, but maintains a visceral punk rock venom to his delivery. Another noteworthy thing about Butlers performance on the song is him constantly matching the intensity of his vocal performance to the intensity of the song.

Instrumentally the song starts off with a latin feel, before morphing into a melodic hardcore chorus. The song then continues to alternate between these two styles as the song progressing, with the guitar parts becoming  more and more complex as each verse goes on, before erupting into the out middle section where the song shows off a fuzzed out punk explosion of riffs.

On the production side of this song is very cleanly produced, but doesn’t feel sterile for it. The drums feel huge, the bass is really fat and the guitars sound nice and glassy where they’re clean and then when they get dirty they sound heavy but
there’s still plenty of clarity behind them.

Overall this song sounds really nice. The chorus is amazing,  and I’d recommend it on this alone


Review: CHUMP, Treat Me Mean

Heres some good music from Glasgow town: CHUMP.

Chump are a grungey alt rock/shoegaze band from Glasgow and they’ve just put out their first EP Treat Me Mean.

This EP is sulky, angsty and strikingly beautiful in its delivery of their music. The first track “Brain” relies primarily on a clean guitar drums and this plodding bassline backing up the ghostly reverb drenched vocals. The effect is  a really uneasy tense vibe before the song explodes in a crescendo of tremolo picked treat me meanguitars and the drums and bass playing a lot harder, then dying down to move the next song. This uneasy feeling follows on to the next song “Out of It” Which some fuzzed out guitar added to the mix and lifts the song into a new direction when it’s added. The third song “Shut Eye” which is the shortest song on the Ep and has the same sulky atmosphere until the fuzzed guitars come in and wake the song up. Next up is the title track “Treat Me Mean” which has distorted guitars throughout, and has a far more passive aggressive feel. At the middle point of this song it becomes very dissonant, and very much feels like the song is spiraling out of control before the instruments stop and are just left to feedback. The Last song “It’s All Fucked” starts in a similar fashion to “Treat Me Mean” without the dissonant middle section instead opting to layer dreamy feeling leads over the chorus section.

The production of the EP is very hazy and this plays to the l0-fi aesthetic the band are going for, this hazy production also help to add a lot of the moody dark atmosphere to the music. The instrumentation of “Treat Me Mean” is pretty bare bones an minimal for the most part, but uses bringing more instrumentation to dynamically shift songs.

Overall Really enjoyed this EP , I’d say it’s for fans of bands like: The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Life Model and Nirvana


Listen to and buy it here:

Review: BabyMetal, Metal Resistance

If you listen to rock music and havent heard of Babymetal, what rock has your head been under for the last 2 years. I mean they’ve played some the biggest metal festivals in the world and even toured with Lady Gaga (weird right?). To describe Babymetal think cutesy Joriginal.jpgapanese idol pop much like the intro song for an anime, fused with melodic death metal and fronted by 3 teenage girls. At first glance its like srsly?, after you  listen to it though it makes sense and its fun. Yes heavy music doesn’t always have to be serious, it can be fun. From the get go with Babymetal it is important to remember that this band was constructed much like another pop act within Japans music industry.  With that does come the stigma that this band is just a novelty act, and maybe that is the case. To be honest, I don’t think authenticity of their music is relevent to say whether Babymetal is good or not. Because their first album is really good, catchy hooks, good riffs and just good music.

But does “Metal Resistance” live up to the standard of the last album ?

…I’d say it does, yeah. “Metal Resistance” starts off with the track “Roads of Resistance” which features leads from Dragonforce guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman, so it’s a total shredfest. Stylistically their fingerprints are all over the track too, but it doesn’t sound like Babymetal covering Dragonforce. Stylisticly Babymetal really picks and chooses a little bit from everything modern heavy metal has to offer this record, with the tracks “Karate” and “Gj” borrowing a lot from Djent, Roads of resistance being a straight up Power metal anthem and Theres a big prog metal influence on the track “Tales of the Destinies” which feels like a Dream Theatre song with a J-Pop Chorus.

You get a vibe of alot of songs being influenced by Contremporary japanese rock aswell, the song “Yava” sounding like the intro to a Shonen anime. Theres also a few nods to japaneses bands Like Dir En Grey on the track ” Sis. Anger”, Crossfaith on the track “From Dusk Til Dawn” and  “No Rain, No Rainbow” feels alot like one of X Japan’s ballads.

So My opinion on this album is it’s pretty solid, it really satisfys alot of of musical craving for me. Theres metal theres the poppy moments, but it doesn’t at any point feel like a parody of either it feels very genuine despite being constructed by a label. The performances on “Metal Resistance” are stellar as well with the Kami Band (Babymetals backing band) puting down some of the best metal riffs I’ve heard in a while. And despite there being alot of songwriters on this record it manages to stay very cohessive as well.

The letdown for me on Metal resistance is the ballads which are too cheesey for my liking, and seemed to just to have been tacked on to meet the labels requirement of having at least two ballads on the record. Aside from this the record is really strong

Recomended tracks: Karate, Roads of Resistance, Yava, Tales of the Destinies, Gj and From Dusk till Dawn




Review: The One Hundred, Subculture EP

So my introduction to The One Hundred was on the Glasgow date of the recent Crossfaith tour, and those guys had it locked down. Their sound was great, they performed super tight and they provided an absolutely amazing start to the night. I decided to pick up their EP: “Subculture”,  which is a great EP with some really unique and creative ideas on some awesome songs.

So stylistically the best way to describe The One Hundred is MetalcThe-One-Hundred-Subculture-600x600.jpgore with a influences from hip hop and electronic music. While this blend of styles could very easily go wrong (see 90s rap metal), it can be done to great effect with bands like Hacktivist and Enter Shikari having a great deal of success playing about with these sounds while making really good music. Over the course of “Subculture” The One Hundred really do this sound justice.

So the EP starts with the track “No FXK”, which serves as an opening for starts with a very old-school hip hop style beat before kicking into a nice rage against the machine style riff and sets the tone for the whole EP. Frontman Jacob Field gives an absolutely phenomenal vocal performance, he’s got a great tone going for when he screams  and when hes rapping his flow is great. I really enjoyed the lyrical content  of the album aswell a lot of it dealing with themes of social inequality on the track “Tale of Two Cities” and the track “Kingsman” appears to deal with the idea of people being blind to being manipulated by the powers that be and not questioning it.

Production-wise it’s really good to none of the instrumentation really clashes or muddies up the others and everything sounds very cohesive, and as mentioned before the vocals are phenominal.

overall I really enjoyed the “Subculture EP” and would encourage recomend it to fans of: Rage Against the Machine, Stray From the Path, Enter Shikari and Hacktivist