Review: The Qemists, Warrior Sound

The Qemists are a British Drum’n Bass/Electronic Rock band, and they KICK ASS! They’ve just came out with their debut album “Warrior Sound”, and there is not a track on this album that is not an absolute banger. Honestly this is one of the most high energy albums of the year, and its so good.warrior.jpg

After a brief intro track “Warrior Sound” opens with track “Jungle” which feature J Hurley and Ben Marvin from Hacktivist and the groove  on this track is insane, the guitar riff is really catchy too. Aswell as all this the singalong on the track is great. After this the album ramps up the energy with the track “Run You”, which is my favourite track on the album. I love the chorus its so infectious if your listening to it you wont be able to help but sing along to it seriously. After this the album continues to put out track after track of music that would feel as at home at a rock festival as it would in a club.

The featured singers on the album are really a really nice touch too. As I mentioned before they’ve got J from Hactivist on “Jungle”, after that Kenta Koie of Crossfaith apears on the track “Anger” and then get Charlie Rhymes and Ghetts on the tracks “Push the Line” and “No Respect”. The best thing about these features is that they feel natural, and not just like heres a guy on our song. These features are very becuase they are a part of the fabric of the song instead of just something tacked on to get the interest of fans of these other bands.

Another great thing about this album is the overall sonic landscape of it.
Which is mostly very dense and heavy, but this can also be pulled back to build anticipation and atomosphere further adding to the hyper-active energy this album puts forward.How they handle instrumentations is awesome as well. The way in which the digital and organic instruments interact helps to define, that despite all the electronic insanity going around it of its still very clear where its a guitar and a synth part. The vocals aswell, despite having alot of processing on them at points still sound very natural and very human.

Overall I am loving this album. I personally think this album will apeal to fans of: Pendulum, The Prodigy, Enter Shikari and Crossfaith


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