Review: Asking Alexandria, The Black

Asking Alexandria are U.K metalcore act. They’ve made a name for themselves for playing a high energy style of metal with influences from eighties  cock rock and dance music. In my younger more emo fringed days I was a big fan of these guys, and I still enjoy their second album “Reckless and Relentless”. But as cliche as it sounds I grew out of their music and never really went back to them. This most reccent album “The Black” which boasts some of the best cover art of the year so farcancer ,and is the bands first album with new frontman Denis Stoff after the departure of their old singer Danny Worsnop.

So Whats it like?

Denis is no where near as good as Danny as a singer, the sheer amount of processing and tuning on his vocals for clean singing has made his vocals is nausiating to listen to. His screams are much the same, hes trying to do this really high scream which totally incoherant in a bad way. He’ll be screaming a line and I’ll maybe catch one or two of the words that hes singing.

The instrumentation isnt that bad actually the big let down is the vocals really, but the instrumentation is actually good at points. Its paint by the numbers metalcore for the most part, but theres nothing wrong with that if its well executed I take no issue with something not being the most unique idea ever. However the song “The Lost Souls” makes Asking sound like an Avenged Sevenfold cover band, Which shows a severe lack of creativity on the bands part. Dont get me wrong  there are flashes of where Asking Alexandria show they have some song writing chops “Sometimes it Ends”,  minus the interview samples they put at the start of the is a really good song and I’d probobly listen to it again. I enjoy the use of strings on the album, it adds an amospheric feel to an otherwise very sterile album. 

I really cant think of much else to say about this album my favourite part was the cover art was my favourite part.


Favourite songs: Sometimes it Ends, The Black, Just a Slave to Rock’n Roll

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