Johnny From Bromotions Interview

If you’ve been to a hardcore show in glasgow, its very likely you’ve heard the band thank Johnny from Bromotions for putting them on that night. Johnny at this point is probobly the go to guy for putting on hardcore gigs for bands within glasgow, putting on gigs for: Palm Reader, Landscapes and Defeater. Johnny also plays  Bass in the in the melodic hardcore band Rainfalls. Johnny was good enough to give an interview about Bromotions, how he got started and other cool stuff  related to the glasgow music scene.brotmotions

So first off. For people who are unaware of you, who you are and what you do?
My name is Jonathan and I run Bromotions. A promotions company based in central Scotland working with the likes of Neck Deep, The Amity Affliction, Protest The Hero, Stick To Your Guns, Converge, Thy Art Is Murder, Red Fang and loads more.
What was it that inspired you start up bromotions?
To really go back, when I was in high school, my music teacher asked me to help set up a concert for world aids day. I did this for three years as well as other charity events and when I left I started booking bands I liked locally in a small pub before working with small touring bands, working up to bigger tours. Bromotions came about when I was asked to help Lower Than Atlantis with a last minute show in Glasgow. I didn’t live in Scotland at the time so I gave the info to my soon to be flat mate and we set up the show under the monicker of Bromotions.
What do you feel like your impact on the local glasgow music scene has been?
Thats a difficult question as I just see myself as a guy bringing bands that I and other people like to Scotland. Where possible I like to give a local band a chance to support cool touring bands because where I grew up we didn’t have gigs where smaller bands could work with big bands they look up to. I would say that the people who come to gigs would be better to answer that!
What local bands in glasgow have got you excited?
Shameless plug for From Sorrow To Serenity, the band I manage, who release their new album in April! Other mentions: Your Last Endeavour, Dialects, As Daylight Fades, Neshiima. Outside of Glasgow there are some great bands too, Perpetua from Edinburgh, Hayworth from Aberdeen. Also going to plug that I play bass in a band called Rainfalls from Glasgow.
Whats next for Bromotions in 2016?
Working on bringing more great tours to Scotland, also working on plans for something great at the start of 2017. Watch this space.
Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Check out our gig information at and if you’re in a local band send your information to for potential support slots!

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