Track Review: Saosin, The Silver String

California Post-Hardcore dudes Saosin just dropped their first track in five years “The Silver String. This was one of those songs I clicked on out of curiosity after it showed up in my YouTube feed, and since they’re signed to Epitaph records the same label as Converge, Defeater and  letlive I thought I’d give their single a shot. saosin

And its a nice single it plays alot on the kind of sound you would expect to hear from Thrice, early Underoath, letlive, deftones and Funeral for a friend. The risk the band takes with persuing this melodic post-hardcore sound is that it can sound very dated and played out, but they manage to pull it off on this track and sound very fresh and modern while doing it.

I really enjoyed the lyrics for this song, they very image heavy and avoided alot of the cliche’s that this style of music music is known for. The vocal performance is also very nice as it makes good use of the band having two singers and letting them play off each other to give the song a good sence of progression.

This is a really solid single and its making my look forward to listening to their album when it comes out 



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