Centrilia- Memento Mori EP Review

Last year Glasgow based Metal Band,Centrilia released their latest EP “Memento Mori”and I’m really in to it right now. This EP combines tight heavy riffs, brilliantly raw powerful vocals, thundering drums and some of the bext sounding bass guitar i’ve ever heard on an unsigned band.  To be brutally honest I’m kicking myself  for not discovering them sooner as they’re simply a fantastic band.

Sonically Centrilia share alot of traits with bands centriliafrom the new wave of American heavy metal for the eary 2000’s, so bands like: Unearth, Killswitch Engage and God Forbid But maybe a bit more of a groove metal vibe as well. The end result is some absolutley phenominal sounding modern metal.

The “Memento Mori” EP  from front to back from the get go is intent on ripping your face off with absolutley savage grooves . Centrilia is not however a one trick Pony on “Memento Mori”, and on songs such as the band can pull it back to be very melodic as shown on “Be a Voice, Not an Echo” which has a fantasict hook in its chorus which you’ll really want to put on repeat to keep singing along to. My Favourite Track on the EP is “The I in Evil” the song has a strong Sepultura vibe in the beginin before moving onto having a very Killswitch Engage feel in the the se
cond part of the song.

I really enjoyed this EP and would recomend it to anyone who Enjoys Bands like the ones I previously mentioned.




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