Architects- A Match Made in Heaven Track Review

Architects are a UK Based Metalcore/Mathcore band who’ve been gaining prestige in recent years for their aproach to heavy music. With fiercely delivered lyrics dealing with political and enviromental issues coupled with a brutaly heavy intrumental backing. I was a big fan of their last release “Lost Forever//Lost Together” and have since become a bigger fan of their breakthrough 2009 album “Holloehw Crown”.

And My Opinion on this latest single to be quite honest is very lukewarm. “A Match Made in Heaven” its a good song don’t get me wrong, but its more or less a carbon copy of the first single from “Lost Forever//Lost Together”: “Gravedigger”Minus clean guitars on the intro. The lyrical themes deal with the themes of war profiteering making various references to the iraq war and civilian deaths caused by the conflict  which is probably the songs strongest point having a clear and strong message instead of just falling into the trope of metalcore bands talking about their girlfriends dumping them, etc. However I cannot forgive the lack of Creativity with this track it feels like architects decided to play it very safe with this single and I really hope on the album there are tracks where the band switch things up again instead of just giving their fans “Lost Forever//Lost Together
” 2.0.



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