Toska- Ode to the Author Review

Toska are an instrumental progressive metal trio made up of  Rabea Massaad on guitar, Dave Hollingworth on Bass and Ben Minal on drums. The trio are also members of the band Dorje which features YouTube guitar sensation Rob Chapman. Being a fan of Rabeas guitar work in Dorje, I was interested to hear what Toska would sound like and how they would differ from Dorje in terms their sound and aside from the stylistic idiosyncrasies of each members playing, which helps to put their sonic signature on the record. Toska are very different from Dorje indeed. For starters toskatoska are far heavier, far more chaotic but in a controlled Dillinger Escape Plan kind of way and lean more to the more modern end of progressive metal.

The EP starts of with the Track chalk teeth which opens with an absolutley crushing riff which transistions to a clean passage and then moves on to build back into the more full on more metal sounding parts of the song. These Dynamic shifts are what makes “Ode to the Author” So interesting no song ever stays dynamicly flat and because of this EP  feels very alive. The stucturing of the songs is also one of the strenghts this ep boast nothing is ever too much everything is very well balenced and works in harmony

The end result with Toska’s debut “Ode to the Author” of this is something really exciting to listen to, and is far removed from the wankery that prevents alot of instrumental bands from being anything that exciting, and I look forward to what they do in the future.

I’d recomend this to fans of Dorje, Haunted Shores, Dillenger Escape Plan and anyone who likes sick riffs


Stream it here:

Buy it here:




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