Review: The Qemists, Warrior Sound

The Qemists are a British Drum’n Bass/Electronic Rock band, and they KICK ASS! They’ve just came out with their debut album “Warrior Sound”, and there is not a track on this album that is not an absolute banger. Honestly this is one of the most high energy albums of the year, and its so good.warrior.jpg

After a brief intro track “Warrior Sound” opens with track “Jungle” which feature J Hurley and Ben Marvin from Hacktivist and the groove  on this track is insane, the guitar riff is really catchy too. Aswell as all this the singalong on the track is great. After this the album ramps up the energy with the track “Run You”, which is my favourite track on the album. I love the chorus its so infectious if your listening to it you wont be able to help but sing along to it seriously. After this the album continues to put out track after track of music that would feel as at home at a rock festival as it would in a club.

The featured singers on the album are really a really nice touch too. As I mentioned before they’ve got J from Hactivist on “Jungle”, after that Kenta Koie of Crossfaith apears on the track “Anger” and then get Charlie Rhymes and Ghetts on the tracks “Push the Line” and “No Respect”. The best thing about these features is that they feel natural, and not just like heres a guy on our song. These features are very becuase they are a part of the fabric of the song instead of just something tacked on to get the interest of fans of these other bands.

Another great thing about this album is the overall sonic landscape of it.
Which is mostly very dense and heavy, but this can also be pulled back to build anticipation and atomosphere further adding to the hyper-active energy this album puts forward.How they handle instrumentations is awesome as well. The way in which the digital and organic instruments interact helps to define, that despite all the electronic insanity going around it of its still very clear where its a guitar and a synth part. The vocals aswell, despite having alot of processing on them at points still sound very natural and very human.

Overall I am loving this album. I personally think this album will apeal to fans of: Pendulum, The Prodigy, Enter Shikari and Crossfaith



Review: Asking Alexandria, The Black

Asking Alexandria are U.K metalcore act. They’ve made a name for themselves for playing a high energy style of metal with influences from eighties  cock rock and dance music. In my younger more emo fringed days I was a big fan of these guys, and I still enjoy their second album “Reckless and Relentless”. But as cliche as it sounds I grew out of their music and never really went back to them. This most reccent album “The Black” which boasts some of the best cover art of the year so farcancer ,and is the bands first album with new frontman Denis Stoff after the departure of their old singer Danny Worsnop.

So Whats it like?

Denis is no where near as good as Danny as a singer, the sheer amount of processing and tuning on his vocals for clean singing has made his vocals is nausiating to listen to. His screams are much the same, hes trying to do this really high scream which totally incoherant in a bad way. He’ll be screaming a line and I’ll maybe catch one or two of the words that hes singing.

The instrumentation isnt that bad actually the big let down is the vocals really, but the instrumentation is actually good at points. Its paint by the numbers metalcore for the most part, but theres nothing wrong with that if its well executed I take no issue with something not being the most unique idea ever. However the song “The Lost Souls” makes Asking sound like an Avenged Sevenfold cover band, Which shows a severe lack of creativity on the bands part. Dont get me wrong  there are flashes of where Asking Alexandria show they have some song writing chops “Sometimes it Ends”,  minus the interview samples they put at the start of the is a really good song and I’d probobly listen to it again. I enjoy the use of strings on the album, it adds an amospheric feel to an otherwise very sterile album. 

I really cant think of much else to say about this album my favourite part was the cover art was my favourite part.


Favourite songs: Sometimes it Ends, The Black, Just a Slave to Rock’n Roll

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Album Review: Killswitch Engage, Incarnate

This is the hardest review I’ve ever had to do. The reason being I have to look at my favourite band from and objective standpoint.

That shit is hard…..incarnate.jpg

But I’m going to try….

So Last week Killswitch Engage released their latest album: “Incarnate” and so far its my ALBUM OF THE MOTHERFUCKING YEAR

But I can provide well reasoned and justified reasons that are in no way fanboying.

This album without being overt about it had alot of experimentation on it. Which is great because Killswitch are guilty of sounding to much like Killswitch at times and not really diverifying their sound. Songs Like “It Falls On Me” which had a realy slow sludgey feel but still felt like a Killswitch song, and “Just Let Go” which had a great dynamic shift between frantic verses to slower very open almost clean guitars on the chorus and the opening track “Alone I Stand” played with switchiung up the grooves and time signatures during the song aswell.

The production is amazing, it feels really heavy and has a ver live feel and a real warmth to it . The mix on the album is very even, everything fills and sits in the in the correct place in the sonic landscape. The production also has a very warm feel to it, which in an era of sterile and over produced albums is refreshing.

Moving onto instrumentation: The drums dont have that nasty sounding clicky quality alot of metal records have . The bass is very present and clear, when songs open up and become less dense it really shines through and holds down a solid groove. Guitars are really tight, as a guitar player this album is ear candy, with an onslaught of really awesome riffs and really good guitar tones. The vocals on the album are awesome aswell, Jesse Leech on every song puts down consistantly strong and emotive performances, and theres not a chorus on this album that isn’t worth a singing along to.

Recomended tracks: Hate by Design, Quiet Distress, It Falls On Me, Triumph Through Tradgedy(Deluxe Editon only), Cut Me Loose

Overall this is a fantastic album which i will recomend to each and everyone in the universe ever.




Johnny From Bromotions Interview

If you’ve been to a hardcore show in glasgow, its very likely you’ve heard the band thank Johnny from Bromotions for putting them on that night. Johnny at this point is probobly the go to guy for putting on hardcore gigs for bands within glasgow, putting on gigs for: Palm Reader, Landscapes and Defeater. Johnny also plays  Bass in the in the melodic hardcore band Rainfalls. Johnny was good enough to give an interview about Bromotions, how he got started and other cool stuff  related to the glasgow music scene.brotmotions

So first off. For people who are unaware of you, who you are and what you do?
My name is Jonathan and I run Bromotions. A promotions company based in central Scotland working with the likes of Neck Deep, The Amity Affliction, Protest The Hero, Stick To Your Guns, Converge, Thy Art Is Murder, Red Fang and loads more.
What was it that inspired you start up bromotions?
To really go back, when I was in high school, my music teacher asked me to help set up a concert for world aids day. I did this for three years as well as other charity events and when I left I started booking bands I liked locally in a small pub before working with small touring bands, working up to bigger tours. Bromotions came about when I was asked to help Lower Than Atlantis with a last minute show in Glasgow. I didn’t live in Scotland at the time so I gave the info to my soon to be flat mate and we set up the show under the monicker of Bromotions.
What do you feel like your impact on the local glasgow music scene has been?
Thats a difficult question as I just see myself as a guy bringing bands that I and other people like to Scotland. Where possible I like to give a local band a chance to support cool touring bands because where I grew up we didn’t have gigs where smaller bands could work with big bands they look up to. I would say that the people who come to gigs would be better to answer that!
What local bands in glasgow have got you excited?
Shameless plug for From Sorrow To Serenity, the band I manage, who release their new album in April! Other mentions: Your Last Endeavour, Dialects, As Daylight Fades, Neshiima. Outside of Glasgow there are some great bands too, Perpetua from Edinburgh, Hayworth from Aberdeen. Also going to plug that I play bass in a band called Rainfalls from Glasgow.
Whats next for Bromotions in 2016?
Working on bringing more great tours to Scotland, also working on plans for something great at the start of 2017. Watch this space.
Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Check out our gig information at and if you’re in a local band send your information to for potential support slots!

Track Review: Saosin, The Silver String

California Post-Hardcore dudes Saosin just dropped their first track in five years “The Silver String. This was one of those songs I clicked on out of curiosity after it showed up in my YouTube feed, and since they’re signed to Epitaph records the same label as Converge, Defeater and  letlive I thought I’d give their single a shot. saosin

And its a nice single it plays alot on the kind of sound you would expect to hear from Thrice, early Underoath, letlive, deftones and Funeral for a friend. The risk the band takes with persuing this melodic post-hardcore sound is that it can sound very dated and played out, but they manage to pull it off on this track and sound very fresh and modern while doing it.

I really enjoyed the lyrics for this song, they very image heavy and avoided alot of the cliche’s that this style of music music is known for. The vocal performance is also very nice as it makes good use of the band having two singers and letting them play off each other to give the song a good sence of progression.

This is a really solid single and its making my look forward to listening to their album when it comes out 


Live Review Sylosis, Decapitated and Centrilia @ The Garage

So this is a bit late coming out but I really want to talk about it…….


So Last Friday I Saw Sylosis, Decapitated and Centrilia at The Garage in beautiful glasgow, and they were all absolutley phenominal.

Centrilia were a most wellcome surprise as a local support act and performed an excelent opening set to the night, and set the tone for the rest of the night with a powerful display of modern metal. One of the best examples why glasgow produces some of the best music in the world.

Decapitated were up next. By this point in their careers they’re Legends within the extreme music scene, and rightly so. For the entirity of their set they unleashed some of the best in old school and modern death metal. It was my second time seeing them and they amazed me with how tight they were live.

And finaly the nights main event: Sylosis. Sylosis at this point are untouchable as a band on and off record. The whole of their performance frontman/guitarist Josh Middleton had the crowd in the palm of his hand, and is undoubtably the one UK metal scenes guitar heros. With him and the rest never missing a note the whole performance. That along with the crowd singing along to every chorus made for a great show

overall I’m giving this show a 9/10, I had such a great time seeing two titans of the metal work and was introduced to a great band aswell


Architects- A Match Made in Heaven Track Review

Architects are a UK Based Metalcore/Mathcore band who’ve been gaining prestige in recent years for their aproach to heavy music. With fiercely delivered lyrics dealing with political and enviromental issues coupled with a brutaly heavy intrumental backing. I was a big fan of their last release “Lost Forever//Lost Together” and have since become a bigger fan of their breakthrough 2009 album “Holloehw Crown”.

And My Opinion on this latest single to be quite honest is very lukewarm. “A Match Made in Heaven” its a good song don’t get me wrong, but its more or less a carbon copy of the first single from “Lost Forever//Lost Together”: “Gravedigger”Minus clean guitars on the intro. The lyrical themes deal with the themes of war profiteering making various references to the iraq war and civilian deaths caused by the conflict  which is probably the songs strongest point having a clear and strong message instead of just falling into the trope of metalcore bands talking about their girlfriends dumping them, etc. However I cannot forgive the lack of Creativity with this track it feels like architects decided to play it very safe with this single and I really hope on the album there are tracks where the band switch things up again instead of just giving their fans “Lost Forever//Lost Together
” 2.0.