Live Review: Baroness @ The Garage Glasgow

There are few modern bands out there that could survive what baroness have been through, after their bus crash in 2012 which very nearly cost the band their lives and losing their drummer and bassist due to the emotional trauma the two had suffered from the baronnesscrash itself. But from the ashes of this tragedy, the band has persevered to bring out their critically acclaimed latest album “Purple”. With “Purple” Baroness showed that as a band they weren’t ready to die yet. The album was energetic and full of life, had tender moments and choruses that begged to be sung along to.

With all this in mind, I was really excited to be seeing Baroness play material from”Purple” in a live environment. From the second that Baroness took the stage to the moment they left they managed to keep the same level of high energy and excitement going on for their whole set. With Frontman John Baizley conducting the audience in singalongs, and the whole band mesmerising the audience during instrumentals and the showmanship of the whole band who, where a lot of progressive acts can seem mechanical and distant felt very human and alive
. The audience response to the band was also with not a single song going without being sang along to and personally, I didn’t see one person in the crowd or band who wasn’t smiling the whole night.baroness


If Baroness are coming your way anytime soon on tour, I would most definitely recommend going to see them. you will not be disappointed.



2 thoughts on “Live Review: Baroness @ The Garage Glasgow

  1. brownsq

    Did you find the sound a bit lacking? I thought it was a great show as always (I got to say ‘yes’ to having seen them at Sleazy’s), but thought there was a lack of definition between the three guitars. Not the fault of the band though, I think the sound guy or the venue – probably a bit of both but mostly the former. That being said, there were probably more people last night than there were the last two times combined, so good to see them doing well. 8.5 is fair I think. Also always good to see a band enjoy playing & rolling with a few bum notes. Roll on Russian Circles too – though you’re unlikely to hear a bum note from them.


    • Lem

      I think at times, yeah the guitars were a bit quiet but i’d put that down to the venue more than anything the PA in the garage isn’t the best unfortunatly. But an incredible show all the same.


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