Petrol Girls- Some Thing EP

So on my Scrolling through Bandcamp for some new music I happend upon Post-hardcore/Melodic-hardcore band Petrol Girls. To sum up Petrol girls Some Thing Ep is three tracks of high octane Post-harcore very much in the vein of At the Drive In , Funeral for a friend with flashes of dillinger escape plan and Glassjaw.petrol

The Some Thing EP provides an abrasive, hard-hitting music with a definite flair for melody and songwriting. This Ep being centered around having these good songs is what keeps it from just being an all out experiment in how noisey and chaotic you can be before people get sick of listening and switch off. A perfect example of this songwriting is on the song “Slug”(Link below to the video for the song). With this melodic side come plenty of mosh worthy riffs seethe second track on the ep protagonist which brings a healthy dose agression

my overall verdict for this Ep is that its a really strong Punk record. its strength are in the diversity of songs that Petrol girls manage to put into a very short release and I give them all due credit and props for that.

I would definitly recomend this record and score it a decent 7/10

Links to:

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