Interview: Owen Sutcliffe, Polaroid People

This Weeks Interview is Owen Sutcliffe frontman of the Scottish alternative Hip Hop band Polaroid People.  Owen Was kind enough to give us polaroidquick interview while was having his breakfast. And here’s the interview:

First off for people who aren’t aware of who you are, who are you?

 I’m Owen, i rap, sing and play flute in Polaroid People, an essentially hip-hop band based in Ayr. I also write and perform poetry and singer songwriter material, and have just started producing and making beats.

How did Polaroid People come about?

Polaroid People were formed originally just over two years ago, we met at university. The band has seen a lineup change or four since then, but now feels settled into its identity after much hard work.

If you had to pick some artist who inspire you and have Influenced you, who would you pick?

I know its a shit answer but i take musical inspiration from many different places. In terms of specific skills and reasons the emcees i take influence from most at the moment are English rappers Mr Key and Edward Scissortongue, as i feel a strong affinity with the way they write bars. Also i love 2chainz.

What’s your musical background, how did you get started with music?
I started early man, im very lucky to have a musical family who’ve always not only supported what i want to try musically, but also pushed me into things with good reason, so music is really all i know, i’ve been playing and sharing it with people most of my living memory.


What are the plans for Polaroid people and your own solo stuff this year?

Big plans this year for Polaroid People, a busy festival season hopefully and hunnners of releases in the next  few weeks so keep an eye. In talk about a return to Europe in the summer.
I’ll also be gigging and releasing as a solo emcee with Lewis from Polaroid People on production.


Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I’d also like to say how good the mince im eating just now tastes.

Polaroid people Just dropped the video for their song Harbour check it out here:


Give them a Like on facebook:



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