Life Of Pablo- Kanye West Review

When it comes to Modern Hip Hop there are figures within the scene that polarise opinions, Kanye West is probably the top of most people’s list. From His deliberately egotistical persona, to his off stage antics which have included: Interrkanyeupting Taylor Swift at the MTV awards because He felt Beyoncé had a better video, His marriage to TV personality Kim Kardashion, and a series of public outbursts. Kanye West has proved that he is capable of staying culturally relevant and will probably go down in history as one of the legends of the current generation of musicians…. And no one is more of this than Kanye Himself.

On top of all this being a celebrity, West has made seven albums himself aswell as colaborationg with Jay-z as part of the rap group Watch the throne. And on this seventh album Life of Pablo, West continues to resonate with fans and critics with Pitchfork giving it a 9/10(but that’s pitchfork, so yeah….)

But What’s this guy’s opinion of the seventh album from the self-proclaimed greatest living rockstar.

It’s a Solid album theres really no denying it, west has a lot of talent when it comes to flow lyrics and the personality that he delivers his lines with.  There’s also some great hooks on the album including the tracks FML, Famous, Feedback and No More Parties in LA. And on the track I Love Kanye, West show a great deal of self-awareness to the worlds feelings on him, making it the one of the most intelligent songs on the album.  But it’s in the beats and instrumentals when the album falls flat at times, some of the beats at times feel like they go off on a tangent before getting back on track as well as some moments on the album where things feel out of place or just random, which deliberate or not creates a disjointed tom feel to a record. This lack of cohesion is probably the albums greatest fault.

Despite this I really enjoyed listening to the album, it’s as I said before it’s a solid record, but the points where the album goes off track can be distracting but the overall album is still really good. The production is solid too really clean, really tight.

And yeah I really enjoyed the album, it in no way lives up to hype it had around its release but still good.


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