Deftones- Prayers/Triangles Tracki review

So theres a new deftones album out later this year, which I will be most definitly be reviewing. until then thought band just dropped the first single from the new record which is titled “Gore” and the track is called “Prayers/Triangles”.

On “‘Prayer/Triangles Deftones seemDeftones Profile Pic to be sticking with an atmospheric feel in the verse, punctuated by a heavy and sped up chorus. Making the song feel very reminiscent of “Knife Party” from their 2000 album “White Pony” and the song “Entombed” off  of their last record “Koi No Yokan”. This Jekyll and Hyde vibee creates a dynamic instrumental backing to Chino Morenos high baritone vocals, which shift with the song complentent the feel of each section.

The production on the song is also stellar. Very clean and polished much like most of Deftones reccent catalog. This clean prodcution allows all the instruments in the band to be heard very clearly down to the smallest details of every chord.

Final Thoughts: Its a really solid first single and if the album maintains the level of quality that this song had, then Deftones fans are in for a treat


Listen to it here


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