The Black Queen- Fever Daydream review

The Black Queen- Fever Daydream

The Black Queen is the side project of Dillenger escape plan frontman Greg Puciato , former Nine Inch Nails Bassist Joshua Eustis and Steven Alexander a former tech for The Dillinger Escape plan. Surprisingly The Black Queen are not a1373092198_10.jpga heavy band not in a metal sense anyway, the band plays more a dark atmospheric type of synth pop. The word dense probably better describes the music on their debut album Fever Daydream, which takes dark moody electronics, reverb soaked guitars and blends them with Puciato’s distinct style of clean singing. All these elements to create something that’s pretty far removed from the chaos of Dillinger Escape plan.

But what’s the verdict I hear I you ask.

It’s really good. I’m not an aficionado of electronic music so my descriptions may be lacking. However, I still think this record is excellent and will express these feelings to the best of my ability. The songs are all really well constructed, the clean production really compliments the songs well without it sounding sterile, Greg has some great vocal performances and there are some fabulous hooks on the album too. It’s very similar to depech mode, Bjork, theres also a definite Nine Inch Nails influence (which isn’t surprising considering the band memebers) and Chino Morenos of Deftones fame’s band Crosses stylistically.

It’s probably not for some Dillinger fans admittedly, it doesn’t have the chaos or the aggression, but it makes up this by creating a dark atmosphere by using shades of sonic grey instead of just just using the heaviest sounds imaginable. I recomend also listening to this record front to back to get the best expieience.

And for people who aren’t into this you can go listen to Killer Be Killed (Puciato’s other side project with Max Cavelera (Ex-Sepeltura) and Troy Sanders (Mastodon)) who are also very good. But if you’re looking for something a little more vibe or chilled out then The Black queen is definitely for you.

Recomended tracks: Ice to never, The End Where We Start, Secret Scream, That Death Can’t Touch.



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