Toothgrinder -Nocturnal Masquerade

It’s Not often that a new artist makes me feel like that rush I used to get from listening to new music for the first time. A lot of the current crop of bands are very samey at first, and don’t really develop their own sound until their second or third album and even then it’s nothing really that special. This wasn’t the case with Toothgrinder, from the first time hearing their song “Blue” on the Radio driving home from band practice. I thought holy shit this is nuts. And their album “Nocturnal Masquerade”  d9jhnhj8oes not disappoint.

New Jersey Progressive metalers Toothgrinder, with their debut album: Nocturnal Masquerade have crafted an album which combines chaos, melody, brutality and a sense of excitement which is absent from a lot of heavy bands on their first albums and in general with their song writing.

The bottom line is this record is really fucking good.

From the get go with the first track “The House (That Fear Built)”, the band make it clear that they intend to have you hanging on for dear life as they combine skull crushing riffs with beautifuly melodic passages, which helps keep the blend of hardcore infused progressive metal feeling interesting. This obvious hardcore punk influence stops the album from being just another face in the ever growing number of djent bands on the rise.  They keep up this theme of sonic warfare throughout the album, although they restrain themselves on songs like “I Lie In Rain” which is a softer, albeit sinister and brooding track which appears as the albums 4th track and the song “Diamonds For Gold” Which retains the sinister feel but adds in a chorus so anthemic it begs to be played in huge venues live.

Sonically, Toothgrinder would appear to take influence from bands like Dillenger Escape Plan, Converge, Messhugah, Mastodon, Tool, Sikth, Kvelertak and Deftones.  And I would recommend the band to anyone who is a fan of these bands, and heavy music in general


Nocturnal Masquerade is out now on Spinefarm Records.

Go Listen to it now.

Recommended tracks: Blue, The House (That Fear Built), Diamonds For Gold, Nocturnal Masquerade



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