Bury Tomorrow- Earthbound Review

With their fourth album Earthbound Bury Tomorrow are proving that when it comes to metalcore in the UK, there are few bands that can do it as well as they can. Earthbound is very much Bury Tomorrow getting back to heavier and darker after their album Runes back in in 2014. Earthbound encompasses the best elements of their previBury_Tomorrow_-_Earthbound_album_coverous albums with the heavier more aggressive production of Union of the Crowns, and more technical song writing which Runes brought to the table.

The general verdict for this album is that it is excellent and Bury Tomorrow deserve a lot of praise for creating such a good album at this point in their career.  Unlike many of the metalcore to come out post 2008 in Bury tomorrow have taken a to having a more Melodic Death Metal based sound more comparable to older bands Such as Killswitch Engage and Unearth, instead of the more breakdown heavy sound which band such as Of Mice and Men and Asking Alexandria have capitalised on.

Although what Bury Tomorrow are doing with their sound may different from the majority of their contemporaries, it isn’t necessarily anything all that new with the genre they play but they definitely give this style their own flavour. As time goes on they seem to hone the very old-school sound that have, with every album.  So while the style Bury Tomorrow are playing is nothing all that new, what makes Earthbound such a good album is the execution and quality of what they’re doing of the album itself. The album provides the listeners with plenty of melodeath riffs to bang their heads to and theres not a chorus on this album that doesn’t beg for the listener to sing or scream along to. And I highly recommend this album

Recommended Tracks: Last Light, Earthbound, The Burden, 301 (featuring Jamie Jasta form Hatebreeed), For Us.

Recommended for fans of : Killswitch Engage, Unearth,  As I Lay Dying, Caliban, Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside and Soilwork.



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