Live Review: Baroness @ The Garage Glasgow

There are few modern bands out there that could survive what baroness have been through, after their bus crash in 2012 which very nearly cost the band their lives and losing their drummer and bassist due to the emotional trauma the two had suffered from the baronnesscrash itself. But from the ashes of this tragedy, the band has persevered to bring out their critically acclaimed latest album “Purple”. With “Purple” Baroness showed that as a band they weren’t ready to die yet. The album was energetic and full of life, had tender moments and choruses that begged to be sung along to.

With all this in mind, I was really excited to be seeing Baroness play material from”Purple” in a live environment. From the second that Baroness took the stage to the moment they left they managed to keep the same level of high energy and excitement going on for their whole set. With Frontman John Baizley conducting the audience in singalongs, and the whole band mesmerising the audience during instrumentals and the showmanship of the whole band who, where a lot of progressive acts can seem mechanical and distant felt very human and alive
. The audience response to the band was also with not a single song going without being sang along to and personally, I didn’t see one person in the crowd or band who wasn’t smiling the whole night.baroness


If Baroness are coming your way anytime soon on tour, I would most definitely recommend going to see them. you will not be disappointed.



Petrol Girls- Some Thing EP

So on my Scrolling through Bandcamp for some new music I happend upon Post-hardcore/Melodic-hardcore band Petrol Girls. To sum up Petrol girls Some Thing Ep is three tracks of high octane Post-harcore very much in the vein of At the Drive In , Funeral for a friend with flashes of dillinger escape plan and Glassjaw.petrol

The Some Thing EP provides an abrasive, hard-hitting music with a definite flair for melody and songwriting. This Ep being centered around having these good songs is what keeps it from just being an all out experiment in how noisey and chaotic you can be before people get sick of listening and switch off. A perfect example of this songwriting is on the song “Slug”(Link below to the video for the song). With this melodic side come plenty of mosh worthy riffs seethe second track on the ep protagonist which brings a healthy dose agression

my overall verdict for this Ep is that its a really strong Punk record. its strength are in the diversity of songs that Petrol girls manage to put into a very short release and I give them all due credit and props for that.

I would definitly recomend this record and score it a decent 7/10

Links to:

Their facebook:



Interview: Owen Sutcliffe, Polaroid People

This Weeks Interview is Owen Sutcliffe frontman of the Scottish alternative Hip Hop band Polaroid People.  Owen Was kind enough to give us polaroidquick interview while was having his breakfast. And here’s the interview:

First off for people who aren’t aware of who you are, who are you?

 I’m Owen, i rap, sing and play flute in Polaroid People, an essentially hip-hop band based in Ayr. I also write and perform poetry and singer songwriter material, and have just started producing and making beats.

How did Polaroid People come about?

Polaroid People were formed originally just over two years ago, we met at university. The band has seen a lineup change or four since then, but now feels settled into its identity after much hard work.

If you had to pick some artist who inspire you and have Influenced you, who would you pick?

I know its a shit answer but i take musical inspiration from many different places. In terms of specific skills and reasons the emcees i take influence from most at the moment are English rappers Mr Key and Edward Scissortongue, as i feel a strong affinity with the way they write bars. Also i love 2chainz.

What’s your musical background, how did you get started with music?
I started early man, im very lucky to have a musical family who’ve always not only supported what i want to try musically, but also pushed me into things with good reason, so music is really all i know, i’ve been playing and sharing it with people most of my living memory.


What are the plans for Polaroid people and your own solo stuff this year?

Big plans this year for Polaroid People, a busy festival season hopefully and hunnners of releases in the next  few weeks so keep an eye. In talk about a return to Europe in the summer.
I’ll also be gigging and releasing as a solo emcee with Lewis from Polaroid People on production.


Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I’d also like to say how good the mince im eating just now tastes.

Polaroid people Just dropped the video for their song Harbour check it out here:


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Bandcamp Tuesday: Pale Fire

Its that time of week again Its Bandcamp Tuesday again and this weeks featured artist is Coatbridge band Pale Fire.

Pale Fire are an indie rock band from Coatbridge near Glasgow. Their dynamic brand of indie rock which can go from being restrained thoughtful balads to high energy songs that would feel at home at a festival with a crowd singing back. The overall palefiresound of the band sit pretty well with me. I’ve got to give them props on their debut album named after the band. The songwriting being absolutly top notch helps to boost what would otherwise be just another indie band to being something very unique and special.

I’d recomend listening to it on a rainy day just so you can absorb the full vibe of the album.



Mountains Under Oceans Interview

Mountains Under oceans are a Glasgow based Post-metal band. Last year they released their ep Man is Not, an ep which is both heavy musically and emotionally and deals with the subject of mental illness. The band manages to illustrate the meaning behind the music to great effect and I recommend checking the Ep out. I got in contact with MUO and they good enough to give me an interview.

For people who are unaware of who you are, who are you?mountains under oceans

We’re Mountains Under Oceans. A four-piece post metal band who blend electronics, soundscapes and heavy riffs.

How did the band come about,out with the purely music playing roles within the band what made you guys want to be a band?

The band came about in late 2012 and early 2013. I had written some music (Mark Norris) for a solo album/EP and asked my friend Iain MacLeod, our first bass player and occasional vocalist to help me develop it. After some thought and reworking, we decided we wanted to try something a bit more experimental and blend the extremes of heavy and technical music with mood and ambience most commonly heard from electronic type acts. From there we recruited our friend Daniel Stevenson who we went to uni with and Robbie Tranter, one of Iain’s old friends to fill in on guitar duties. Our choice for them was based largely on what we knew they’d bring to the table creatively and what we knew they functions they could fill out with purely musical playing side of the band. Iain parted ways with us in September 2014 to travel and Steven Dempster assumed Bass duties from there. He’s a great addition the line-up.

Which artists influenced you, and what was the impact of these artists on you as musicians?

Far too many to name overall, but some of the main impacts would be Isis, Cloudkicker, OSI and Thrice. I could name lots of artists that we draw influence from, but the way in which bands like those mentioned construct their music is the greatest influence man is noptwe take from it over the comprising individual musicians ability to play their individual instruments.

How do you feel your latest release “Man is Not” differs from your previous releases?

‘Man Is Not’ is a concept EP. We haven’t done anything like that before. We took a more collaborative approach to writing, this time around rather than one person writing almost the whole thing and I really think it paid off. What was the primary influence on the writing and musical direction of “Man is Not” ‘Man is Not’ is influenced in part by R.L Stevenson’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and centralises around themes that represent the inner workings and thoughts of the character that we’re trying to portray. The EP is split into four parts each dealing with a particular event in the process of the character being forced to confront a forgotten side of himself that hasn’t forgiven him following a traumatic event. Each main theme representing a main emotion or thought process is later varied or repeated subsequently in the same, earlier or later ‘chapters’ to exemplify the character’s change in dealing with each emotion or thought.

What does 2016 as year hold for Mountains Under Oceans?

At the moment we’re taking some time to regroup following our European Tour with our friends Vasa. We have some ideas of what to do, but can’t really say much else for the moment.

Do You have any live shows coming up soon?

Nothing planned in the near future.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks for your time and interest. You can download and listen on Bandcamp (free of for a small donation), iTunes and Spotify and you can follow us for updates on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.


Bandcamp Tuesday- Fake Major

This the first Bandcamp Tuesday, and from now on they will be a weekly affair.

But what is Bandcamp Tuesday?

Well Bandcamp Tuesday is gona be every tuesday will focus on an artist on glasgow who I found on Bandcamp and thought was good so I’m sharing their music fake majorwith you guys who read this.

And the star of The first ever Bandcamp Tuesday is…

Fake Major.

Fake Major is a Glasgow based duo who play chilled out indie pop,  with a lot of melody a pinch of melancholy and s
ome great songwriting.

Fake Majors style should apeal to fans of Fatherson, Biffy Clyro and  Mumford and sons other bands of that nature

Check them out here :

Life Of Pablo- Kanye West Review

When it comes to Modern Hip Hop there are figures within the scene that polarise opinions, Kanye West is probably the top of most people’s list. From His deliberately egotistical persona, to his off stage antics which have included: Interrkanyeupting Taylor Swift at the MTV awards because He felt Beyoncé had a better video, His marriage to TV personality Kim Kardashion, and a series of public outbursts. Kanye West has proved that he is capable of staying culturally relevant and will probably go down in history as one of the legends of the current generation of musicians…. And no one is more of this than Kanye Himself.

On top of all this being a celebrity, West has made seven albums himself aswell as colaborationg with Jay-z as part of the rap group Watch the throne. And on this seventh album Life of Pablo, West continues to resonate with fans and critics with Pitchfork giving it a 9/10(but that’s pitchfork, so yeah….)

But What’s this guy’s opinion of the seventh album from the self-proclaimed greatest living rockstar.

It’s a Solid album theres really no denying it, west has a lot of talent when it comes to flow lyrics and the personality that he delivers his lines with.  There’s also some great hooks on the album including the tracks FML, Famous, Feedback and No More Parties in LA. And on the track I Love Kanye, West show a great deal of self-awareness to the worlds feelings on him, making it the one of the most intelligent songs on the album.  But it’s in the beats and instrumentals when the album falls flat at times, some of the beats at times feel like they go off on a tangent before getting back on track as well as some moments on the album where things feel out of place or just random, which deliberate or not creates a disjointed tom feel to a record. This lack of cohesion is probably the albums greatest fault.

Despite this I really enjoyed listening to the album, it’s as I said before it’s a solid record, but the points where the album goes off track can be distracting but the overall album is still really good. The production is solid too really clean, really tight.

And yeah I really enjoyed the album, it in no way lives up to hype it had around its release but still good.


Landscapes- Neighbourhood Track Review


So, a couple of days ago Landscapes dropped a new single, “Neighbourhood” (and the video to go with it) along with the exciting announcement of their next full-length release, “Modern Earth”, on the 8th of April through Pure Noise.

This single is a massive step, but not too drastic a change from their 2012 release “Life Gone Wrong”. Life Gone Wrong being one of my favourite records meant that this announcement was a long time coming, and from the sounds of Neighbourhood, Modern Earth will be exactly what 12735603_1007285759359194_2039882228_n.jpgwe’ve been waiting ever so patiently for.

Neighbourhood has the same atmospheric vibe that Landscapes do so well, but introduces ways in which Landscapes have evolved over the 4 years since Life Gone Wrong. The vocals push not only the boundaries of standard vocals displayed in hardcore and punk genres but also the vocals displayed on Life Gone Wrong, as they are not simply screamed at us, but sung almost beautifully at times and evoke strong emotions of great sadness and make you want to scream at the world, which perfectly portrays and mirrors the lyrics within the song. Instrumentally, the song takes us on a journey, sometimes carrying us gently and sometimes dropping us flat down and crushing us (and I mean that positively) through the pounding drums and the crushing chords from the guitar.

Neighbourhood is a strong single and gives me great hope for Modern Earth and the future of this band.

Review by James Podmore

Check out the song and video here:


Deftones- Prayers/Triangles Tracki review

So theres a new deftones album out later this year, which I will be most definitly be reviewing. until then thought band just dropped the first single from the new record which is titled “Gore” and the track is called “Prayers/Triangles”.

On “‘Prayer/Triangles Deftones seemDeftones Profile Pic to be sticking with an atmospheric feel in the verse, punctuated by a heavy and sped up chorus. Making the song feel very reminiscent of “Knife Party” from their 2000 album “White Pony” and the song “Entombed” off  of their last record “Koi No Yokan”. This Jekyll and Hyde vibee creates a dynamic instrumental backing to Chino Morenos high baritone vocals, which shift with the song complentent the feel of each section.

The production on the song is also stellar. Very clean and polished much like most of Deftones reccent catalog. This clean prodcution allows all the instruments in the band to be heard very clearly down to the smallest details of every chord.

Final Thoughts: Its a really solid first single and if the album maintains the level of quality that this song had, then Deftones fans are in for a treat


Listen to it here